Essentials of Stage Management  by Peter Maccoy (Author)

Peter Maccoy draws upon his extensive experience as a stage manager and as a teacher to lay out the functions and responsibilities of this key theatrical profession. Chapters cover the role of stage management, stage manager as manager, research and preparation, preparing for rehearsal, the rehearsal period, the production period, the performance and beyond, stage properties, safe practice, and contemporary practice. Includes a bibliography, six appendixes, and index.


Stage Management: The Essential Handbook  by Gail Pallin (Author)

This essential handbook is aimed at students, graduates, and all aspirants to stage managership, whether amateur or professional, whether the production is on a large or small scale.


The Art and Craft of Stage Management (Paperback)  by Doris Schneider (Author)

Reflecting not only the author's theories and experience but the prior input of dozens of other stage managers, fight choreographers, pyrotechnicians, and directors, this text is a long-overdue introduction to the art of stage managing.


The Backstage Guide to Stage Management: Traditional and New Methods for Running a Show  by Thomas Kelly (Author)

This widely used manual for stage managers has been revised to include new methods that employ computers and spread-sheet software, automation in the theater, and contemporary event managing.


This Business of Artist Management  by Jr. Xavier M. Frascogna, H. Lee Hetherington (Author)

The streamlined, reorganized, and updated Second Edition of This Business of Music Marketing and Promotion is informed by the transformation of the music industry in recent years. Online music has provided much of the fuel, with downloadable songs and file-sharing programs opening up new avenues of distribution and promotion to some 60 million consumers.


The Stage Producer's Business and Legal Guide  by Charles Grippo (Author)

Grippo, a theatrical attorney, producer, and commercially produced playwright, has filled a hole in theater literature with this one-stop guide to theater law for non-attorneys. It covers everything from organizing a theater company to dissolving one. As anyone who has worked in even the smallest theater knows, legal issues touch every aspect of producing a play, from obtaining performance space and licensing plays, to managing commercial and nonprofit companies, to safety and taxes.


Cue Tips, Stage Management for High School Theatre   by Elizabeth Ward (Author)

In this readable book by Elizabeth Ward is everything you need to know about the art of stage management, from pre-audition and rehearsals to performances and closing duties. The basics are presented with room to grow in confidence and proficiency. The author invites you to use this book as a guide while you work with your instructor and director.


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