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How to use the Altman Model 1000Q Spotlight-Gerald(WebPage assignment-1st draft)
This model of Altman spotlight is controlled from rear. This light is best used from the right side of the unit. This way one has access to the gel controls with their right hand and has access to the focusing rod, iris and shutter with their left hand. On the bottom part of the spotlight, there is a switch which turns the power on and off. Holding it from the rear, it's just turn it on, point and shoot.


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Hanging a Light

When hanging a light onto a pipe, you will be a safer technician if you follow the same steps each time. Granted, certain situations will call for some ingenuity to get the light onto a pipe, but...

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Dimmers (2)

We've recycled our patch panel!  It is now Light LAb!

This is a patch panel. Sort of looks like an old telephone operator's plug board


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Dimmers (1)

This page is taken from the series of classes we devoted to electricity in the theater.

 The wiring diagram on the right shows the path of electricity. Starting from the three phase breaker, which is located in the large circuit breaker box, you can follow the path of the hot wire all the way to the circuit.

To see this image in more detail, click it.


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 These are board notes from a lecture that two of our interns presented explaining how the electricity gets from the power company to the lamp. More info will be presented on this page in the future as this subject is often miss understood. Not to mention that it's also very important to lighting our shows.
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 electricpath  This diagram shows the power coming from the electric company into the school building. The power is carried at a high voltage and stepped down to 120volts via the transformer. The power then goes through the circuit breaker box to the dimmers. Then to the lights.....