Light Board

The main theater of the Edward R. Murrow High School uses the ETC Express 48/96 computer control board. I believe that this is one of the best boards for educational theater. It's also a great board for theaters that have several different types of shows going on at any given time. It can be programmed to repeat cues with a single GO button. Or, you can use it like a regular two-scene pre-set board. I tend to use the manual functions when we have outside rental groups use the theater. Programming the computer part just takes too long with only one rehearsal.

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 When your teacher tells you to cut the light at a certain point he wants you to use the shutters to cut the light off at a certain point. You adjust the shutters by pulling them out or pushing them in.   

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Steps for Wiring

This page was created by Steven. A Freshman in the Murrow Stage Lighting Class. Thanks for all the hard work Steven!!!

Before following these steps make sure that the power is turned off or the outlet is unplugged (see instructor or teacher to turn off the power). To know if a plug is not working look if it is tied up in a knot. (When a plug is tied up in a knot it means it doesn’twork and it has to be fixed)

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Patch Panel

This is a patch panel. Sort of looks like an old telephone operator's plug board. Each vertical line of holes, 5 each, are wired to one dimmer

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Lighting Units

This is an Altman 360Q theatrical Lighting Unit. Most often referred to as a LEKO.

BCS owns the following LEKOs

6 1/2" x 4 1/2"
6" x 9"
6" x 8"
6" x 12"
6" x 16"




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