It is expected of any technician that they be prompt, efficient, and responsible. Further, they must be supportive of the team's efforts to put on a good show. In line with that, they should have a good understanding of the chain of command, and what position they hold on the ladder. The SOUND OPERATOR gets their initial instructions on the show from the sound designer, after which they become a part of the running crew responsible to the Stage Manager.

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Sound Design


What sounds happen at the donut shop? Perhaps they play Muzak. The sound designer would be wise to sit and enjoy a donut as well. Quietly. Just listen for a while. how does a donut shop make regular things sound? Crispy Cream makes their donuts in the shop. What does the machine sound like?

So, you don't have a sound effects library? You don't have time to deal with burning a show CD? Do you have $100 in the budget to have a pro do all the work for you? Design By Wire! Check this place out. They'll do it all for you... Here's an example of a sound cue sheet from them.




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Murrow's Sound Equipment

 Here's what we have. The links are to the web sites that contain info about each piece of equipment and may even have a copy of the manual. 
Our sound rack. It's being stored in our tool cage at the moment. We goofed a little. When we were designing the rack, we measured all the doors we thought we would need to pass through. Then the plan changed and we wanted to use the old storage closet... You guessed it; we didn't measure the closet door. The rack is an inch too wide. Yuk!!! rack1 rack2


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Sound board

Our board was having some problems. Two channels were not working and we could use some more as it was. So, I called a local equipment rental company. They had a 24 channel board they would rent for $150 per week. When I went to pick it up, I decided to simply purchase a new 8 channel board for less then $300.


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