Fire part IV

Well, here we are again at the Techie’s Corner. This month, we will wind up our section on methods of creating fake fire for the stage with a brief discussion on torches, candles and lanterns.

Torches have been around, well, forever. In fact torches have been around longer than we have. Somewhere in the far distant past, one of our proto human ancestors picked up a burning branch from a wildfire and lit his way down the dark path to the future. The basic torch has changed very little since then.  However, man, never satisfied with the basic model of anything, tried many variations and “improvements” along the way.

The first improvement was probably when some one discovered that a large pine knot full of hardened sap would burn longer than a plain branch.  After that it would have been an easy step to experiment with other methods of making torches last longer.  One early method was to wrap the head of the torch in a loose weave of plant fibers and then soak that in animal fat.

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Water can be a great tool to add realism to the stage. We will be adding more water effects as they become available. We are thankful to Michael Powers for several articles on the wet stuff. Click on the links to the left and see how to stay dry.


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General Wet Stuff

Techie's Corner As a continuation of last month’s column about "Rain On Stage", this month’s column will focus on water on stage. Specifically, water in sinks. Next month, I will wind up this topic with a discussion of other types of water such as hand pumps, fountains, waterfalls, pools, etc. The basics for water in sinks are the same 6 major areas of consideration as for rain. Supply, storage, delivery, recovery, control, and water quality. For an in depth definition and explanation of these six areas, check out last month’s column under TRE back issues, December ‘98. 

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