Beyond the Little Mac Book (Paperback)  by Robin Williams (Author)

This "sequel" takes up where the best-selling The Little Mac Book leaves off and turns Mac-literate users into power users. Using the same friendly language and easy-to-follow explanations found in The Little Mac Book, the authors share shortcuts, tips, and tricks for honing Mac skills.


The Little Mac Book (Little Mac Book: Panther Edition)  by Robin Williams (Author)

With over 500,000 copies in print, The Little Mac Book is one of the best-selling guides for Macintosh beginners of all time. This "little" book with the big content covers the essentials of operating a Mac using a friendly tone that doesn't get mired down in the details.


Beyond the Mac Is Not a Typewriter: More Typographic Insights and Secrets  by Robin Williams (Author)

This book takes up where the phenomenally successful The Mac is not a typewriter left off, providing short, pithy chapters on all the typographic principles necessary to create sophisticated and professional typography.


The Mac is Not a Typewriter: A Style Manual for Creating Professional-Level Type on Your Macintosh  by Robin Williams (Author)

One of the most popular Macintosh books ever published (over 300,000 now in print), The Mac is not a typewritercovers the top twenty things you need to know to make your documents look clean and professional: em dashes, curly quotes, spaces and indents, white space, etc.


The Non-Designer's Design Book: Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice  by Robin Williams (Author)

In The Non-Designer's Design Book, 2nd Edition, best-selling author Robin Williams turns her attention to the basic principles of good design and typography. All you have to do is follow her clearly explained concepts, and you'll begin producing more sophisticated, professional, and interesting pages immediately.


The Pc is Not a Typewriter (Paperback)  by Robin Williams (Author)

This book not only lays down the principles governing traditional type, but explains the logic behind them. The original bestselling version, entitled The Mac is not a typewriter, received scores of rave reviews and won the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award from the Publishers Marketing Association.


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