Elegantly Frugal Costumes: The Poor Man's Do-It-Yourself Costume Maker's Guide  by Shirley Dearing (Author)

Over 150 detailed illustrations work with the easy-to-follow text to walk you through every step of the process.


The Stage Costume Sourcebook (Hardcover)  by Jack Cassin-Scott (Author)

This wide-ranging sourcebook, with designs from period plays to high opera to pantomime, has something to suit every need. You'll find clothing, accessory, and hairstyle ideas for favorite roles like Cleopatra, Fagin, Madame Butterfly, and Falstaff; and costumes in the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Elizabethan, and Victorian styles.


The Little Hatmaking Book: A Workbook on Turn-Of-The-Century Hats (Little Hatmaking Book)  by Bonnie Holt Ambrose (Author)

This book focuses on turn-of-the-century women's hat shapes: wide brim and shaped sweetheart brim. Author lists fabric/notion requirements and provides numerous b/w illustrations to walk you through basic hat-building technique.


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