Set Lighting Technician's Handbook: Film Lighting Equipment, Practice, and Electrical Distribution  by Harry C. Box (Author)

The Set Lighting Technician's Handbook is a friendly, hands-on manual covering the day-to-day practices, equipment, and tricks of the trade essential to the motion picture lighting technician. This handbook offers a wealth of practical technical information, simple techniques, as well as aesthetic discussions.


Stage Lighting Controls  by Ulf Sandstrom (Author)

Stage Lighting Controls gives the reader an historical overview of the way in which modern control systems have evolved, and then explains the general principles of modern computerised lighting consoles and relevant control standards such as DMX512, MIDI and Ethernet. It also covers the basic aspects of controlling moving lights and scrollers and provides a product profile for ten major manufacturers of lighting controls.


Control Systems for Live Entertainment, Second Edition  by John Huntington (Author)

Drawing on his extensive experience in the field and classroom, John Huntignton clearly explains everything that goes on behind the scenes and inside the machines to bring bold visions to life in real-world settings.


Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings, 10th Edition  by Benjamin Stein, John S. Reynolds, Walter T. Grondzik, Alison G. Kwok (Author)

Continuing its proud heritage, this Tenth Edition provides thorough coverage of the latest in the theory and practice of environmental control system design. This bestselling book encompasses mechanical and electrical systems for buildings of all sizes, featuring design guidelines and detailed design procedures for every topic covered and supported by more than 2,200 illustrations—over 225 new to this edition!


Wiring A House (For Pros by Pros)  by Rex Cauldwell (Author)

Electricity is one of the least understood yet most important aspects of do-it-yourself building and renovation. Used safely, it allows us to enjoy a life of convenience, but when its basic rules are violated it can destroy one's home. A master electrician, building inspector, and licensed general contractor, Cauldwell shows how to properly use electricity in this revision of his 1996 text.


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