Lighting Design

Lighting: A Design Source Book (Hardcover)  by Elizabeth Wilhide, Ray Main(Author)

Lighting is as integral a factor in any interior design plan as color, objects, and arrangement. Wilhide understands that lighting is more than simply what we see; it's also how we feel. Lighting is a central factor in how any space influences our moods.


Scenic Design and Lighting Techniques: A Basic Guide for Theatre (Paperback)  by Rob Napoli, Chuck Gloman (Author)

Basic. This is the key word in Scenic Design and Lighting Tecniques: A Basic Guide for Theatre, written by two seasoned professionals with over twenty years of experience. This book is designed to show you how to turn a bare stage into a basic set design, without using heavy language that would bog you down.


Lighting Design & Installation  by Creative Publishing international(Author)

Comprehensive guide to using natural and artificial light in the home and landscape.


Heating, Cooling, Lighting: Design Methods for Architects  by Norbert Lechner (Author)

Qualitative graphic approach to understanding the techniques of heating, cooling, and lighting reflects the decision-making approach of architects and students.


Lighting and the Design Idea (with InfoTrac )  by Linda Essig (Author)

"Essig’s book is strong by emphasizing design for the play. The book provides a complete knowledge of lighting for the theatre, with strong areas in both design and technology for lighting."


Architectural Lighting Design, 2nd Edition  by Gary Steffy (Author)

A comprehensive desktop reference for lighting design professionals and students and is highly recommended.


Scene Design and Stage Lighting (with InfoTrac )  by W. Oren Parker, R. Craig Wolf (Author)

SCENE DESIGN AND STAGE LIGHTING, Eighth Edition, continues its tradition of being the most detailed and comprehensive text available in the scenic and lighting design and technology fields. Much of the scenery design and technology section has been re-worked with an emphasis on modern technology.


Ultimate Lighting Design (Ultimate)  by Herve Descottes (Author)

The lighting designer is at once an artist and an engineer. He uses the best technology available to reveal scope, space, and form—both in landscapes and in urban environments—and aims to do so in a way that achieves a functional, creative, and environmental result. This relatively recent profession is the focus of the latest title in teNeues’ Ultimate series.


Interior Lighting, Fourth Edition (Hardcover)  by Gary Gordon (Author)

The inspired illumination of any given space can amplify its aesthetic impact and take it from the pedestrian to the sublime. And, for years, this excellent reference has guided architects and designers in the achievement of lighting artistry.


Lighting Design Basics  by Mark Karlen, James Benya (Author)

Lighting is a basic, yet difficult-to-master, element of interior design, and Lighting Design Basics provides the information you need in a concise, highly visual format.


Designing with Light  by J. Michael Gillette (Author)

This comprehensive survey of the practical and aesthetic aspects of basic stage lighting design treats its subject as an art closely integrated with that of the director, actor, and playwright, and as a craft that provides practical solutions for the manipulation of stage space.


Concert Sound and Lighting Systems, Third Edition  by John Vasey (Author)

Concert Sound and Lighting Systems provides comprehensive coverage of equipment and setup procedures for touring concert systems. The new edition will cover the new equipment now available and discuss other venues where the skills and technology are being used.


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