Making Dolls' Houses in 1/12 Scale (Paperback)  by Brian Nickolls (Author)

Nickolls provides complete instructions for six projects of increasing complexity: a workshop, Victorian shop, Georgian house, thatched cottage, fisherman's cottage, and Tudor house. He emphasizes construction, describing tools and materials in detail, listing sources, but only mentioning furnishings and decoration.


The Authentic Georgian Dolls' House (Paperback)  by Brian Long (Author)

Unusually wide in scope, from townhouses to farmhouses, this ultimate sourcebook to Georgian style presents original building plans to inspire today's modeler and miniaturist. In unprecedented detail, all the architectural and design features are laid out: characteristic windows, roofs, ironwork; heating and kitchen elements; furnishings (like an exquisite canopied bed); and bathroom amenities.


Making Dolls' House Interiors: Decor and Furnishings in 1/12 Scale (Hardcover)  by Carol Lodder, Nigel Lodder (Author)

A charming English style--and attitude--infuses this book on furnishing dollhouses. A Dorset-based father-and-daughter team selects eight rooms and decorates them according to eight different design periods, from a medieval scullery to a very modern (and pricey) kitchen.


Making Miniature Dolls with Polymer Clay: How to Create and Dress Period Dolls in 1/12 Scale  by Sue Heaser (Author)

Once they’re firm, you can carve, sand, paint, and glue them, and even add details and bake again. Using the dollhouse scale of 1:12, these charming projects (with templates) include men, women, girls, boys, and baby dolls with a variety of faces, ages, and hairstyles.


Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls (Paperback)  by Angie Scarr (Author)

A master modeler reveals the tricks of molding marvelously realistic fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cheeses, breads, pastries, and cakes—plus display stands and boxes.


Miniature Embroidery For The Georgian Dolls' House (Paperback)  by Pamela Warner (Author)

Stitch miniature masterpieces for an authentic-looking Georgian dolls' house! These magnificent needlework designs, based on actual accessories and furnishings, have been simplified for small-scale sewing, and appear in the popular 1/12" size.


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