Make Your Own Dolls' House Furniture (Paperback)  by Maurice Harper (Author)

A wonderful book with complete instructions for making collector-grade, period furniture. However, it's not for inexperienced woodworkers or those without good power tools.


The Art of the Miniature: Small Worlds and How to Make Them (Paperback)  by Jane Freeman (Author)

For anyone who adores the art of creating small things, The Art of the Miniature provides a treasure trove of practical techniques and ingenious approaches. In this captivating guide, noted artist Jane Freeman shows readers, step by step, how to use modified kit components, and found and handmade objects to create intensely detailed miniature constructions.


Making Dolls' House Furniture (Paperback)  by Patricia King (Author)

This book is a wonderfully comprehensive set of instructions to make a Victorian style dollhouse, complete with family, servants, and shops to go to. The book includes wonderful step-by-step instructions, which show you exactly how to make the various parts.


Making Period Dolls' House Accessories (Master Craftsmen) (Paperback)  by Andrea Barham (Author)

Wonderful household accessories from the Tudor through early Art Nouveau periods. The section on making electrified lighting is outstanding. Items shown look like expensive antiques.


Dolls' House Accessories, Fixtures & Fittings (Paperback)  by Andrea Barham (Author)

“Dollhouse furnishings ranging from architectural metal working for miniature furniture and kitchen accessories to art objects.


Making Victorian Dolls' House Furniture (Paperback)  by Patricia King (Author)

Furnishing a lavish Victorian dollhouse is affordable at long last. The incredibly talented author/professional art instructor writes with great humor and enthusiasm.


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