The book is written for anyone who works in a theatre of any kind or size, but is geared for the educational theatres, which number in the thousands throughout the country. It is also strongly recommended for school insurance carriers and attorneys, safety and building inspectors, fire inspectors, risk managers, and parent teacher associations. 

It presents a series of day-to-day risk management guidelines and is a must-read for parents, school administrators, boards of directors, and personnel who oversee school performing arts programs. It is strictly an awareness book, pointing out the hazards and risks to those individuals who, by law, are elected, hired, or appointed to operate school districts and their performing arts programs, in a healthy and safe environment. 


The Intercultural Performance Handbook  by John Martin (Author)

In a search for more vibrant and exciting ways of presenting performance, actors are increasingly turning to non-western traditions, In this essential handbook for the actor, John Martin introduces students and practitioners to the physical, vocal and improvisational techniques needed to perform non-Western theatre forms.


Look of the Century: Design Icons of the 20th Century  by DK Publishing ,Michael Tambini (Author)

Developed in association the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, the book examines the objects of our century in a clear, compelling visual format, with lots of information on the century's leading designers and movements.


The Business of Theatrical Design  by James Moody (Author)

For theatrical design students and theater professionals, here is the essential guide to marketing your skills, furthering your career, and operating a successful business!


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