Designing and Drawing for the Theatre (Hardcover)  by Lynn Pecktal (Author)

Detailing production design for theater, opera, and ballet, Designing and Drawing for the Theater provides a professional picture and encyclopedic reference of the design process.


American Set Design  by Arnold Aronson (Author)

This book, one of the few that takes a more academic, rather than practical, view of scenic design, should be required reading for any designer (lights and costumes as well as set) as well as every director.


The Stagecraft Handbook  by Daniel A. Ionazzi (Author)

The Stagecraft Handbook strives to be lightweight, compact, and economical. Daniel Ionazzi leaves the specifics to the designers, but provides practical, reliable advice for those involved in setting the stage.


Stagecraft 1: A Complete Guide to Backstage Work  by William H. Lord (Author)

Nineteen chapters detailing all the fundamentals of backstage work - all the tools and the language for any theatre operation. The book is loaded with photographs, illustrations and diagrams of the text material. The what, when and why of stagecraft. Selected for the Baker and Taylor Approval Program.


Stagecraft 3rd Edition  by McGraw-Hill (Author)

Stagecraft is a how-to book for beginners who want to become familiar with the technical aspects of the theater. This book will help any student develop the basic skills necessary so he or she can experience the thrill of creating a set and staging a theater production.


Stage Design & Properties (Phaidon Theater Manuals)  by Michael Holt (Author)

It is a very basic introduction to stage design and set management, but it can get you through the making and managing of a set.


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