The Stage Producer's Business and Legal Guide  by Charles Grippo (Author)

Grippo, a theatrical attorney, producer, and commercially produced playwright, has filled a hole in theater literature with this one-stop guide to theater law for non-attorneys. It covers everything from organizing a theater company to dissolving one. As anyone who has worked in even the smallest theater knows, legal issues touch every aspect of producing a play, from obtaining performance space and licensing plays, to managing commercial and nonprofit companies, to safety and taxes.


Cue Tips, Stage Management for High School Theatre   by Elizabeth Ward (Author)

In this readable book by Elizabeth Ward is everything you need to know about the art of stage management, from pre-audition and rehearsals to performances and closing duties. The basics are presented with room to grow in confidence and proficiency. The author invites you to use this book as a guide while you work with your instructor and director.


The Perfect Stage Crew: The Compleat Technical Guide for High School, College, and Community Theater  by John Kaluta (Author)

Here is an indispensable, nuts-and-bolts guide to putting on a stunning, low-budget show in less than 40 days! The Perfect Stage Crew explains the pitfalls to avoid and provides solutions to the most common as well as most complex stage performance problems. Readers without Broadway-size budgets and resources will learn the low-cost, low-tech approaches to painting scenery, building sets, hanging lights, setting cues, and operating sound. They'll also find crucial guidance for generating publicity, preparing tickets, technical rehearsals, and more.


Directing for the Stage (Stagecraft)  by Polly Irvin (Author)

The role of stage director is all-encompassing: storyteller, interpreter, collaborator, people-manager, producer, visual artist, counselor, literary consultant and creative artist. Why take on this role? How do you become a director? Where do you learn your craft and how do you formulate your stylistic direction?


Fundamentals of Project Management (Worksmart)  by James P. Lewis (Author)

With sales of more than 115,000 copies, Fundamentals of Project Management has helped a lot of business people meet or exceed those standards. The updated and revised third edition provides an unparalleled introduction to project management, along with new tools and techniques for planning and executing projects on time, on budget, and with maximum efficiency and productivity.


Stages of Implementation: A Guide for Your Journey to Knowledge Management Best Practices  by Carla O'Dell (Author)

As one of the titles in APQC's Passport to Success Series, this book will illuminate your path to knowledge management success, the same one taken by some of the world's leading companies. It follows APQC's Road Map to Knowledge Management Results: Stages of Implementation, a model developed by APQC after studying best-practice organizations in detail over a period of years.


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