"A Copyright Story," a dialog between a writer, Jason Robert Brown and a musical theater teenager about sharing, or not, sheet music.

"I have known for a while that there are websites where you can essentially download sheet music for free, and I am certainly aware that a lot of the sheet music being downloaded in that manner was written by me. While my wife Georgia has written extensively about this problem, I have tended to sit back, certain that anything I do would just be the tiniest drop in a very large bucket. But about a month ago, I was seized by the idea to try an experiment."

The HSTech Mailing list is visited by over 400 current members. Students, teachers and various professionals ask and answer each others' questions.

Technical theater can lead you down so many different avenues. I spent some time shooting video for various outlets including TV news, commercials, corporate events and more. This video is from a documentary broadcast on Japanese television.

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