This is a blurry circular saw. Don't worry, it still cuts in focus. The blade spins counter clockwise, thus pushing the wood chips up into the dust guide. Take a close look and you'll see a hole just to the left of the number 2.

This belt sander will take a lot of material off a piece of wood. be careful not to gouge the out the wood. Belt sanders will leave small lines if you're not very careful. 11t1.jpg

 As seen on TV! The RotoZip. Yup, that tool you see on TV, late at night. The very kind folks at the RotoZip company sent us a few units to try out. Here, we're setting up to cut the circles for Anythig goes.

A router is an extremely versatile tool. It's another spinning tool requiring all long hair and loose clothing to be tied back/up... The motor housing sits in a frame that allows you to adjust the blade's depth via raising and lowering the motor. The frame has two handles. This one has a D handle that also contains a trigger switch. 1p3.jpg

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