The Clove Hitch can be used to tie a rope to a cord of a truss or pipe. It is also a good choice when securing cable drops to truss.

A Sheet Bend is used to tie two ropes of different sizes together. In entertainment we might drop a tie line down to haul up a heavier rope. Use the Sheet Bend to connect them.

Keeping gear from shifting on the truck requires a tight grip on the load. The Trucker's Hitch gives you the leverage needed to pull tighter than you could with any other knot.

The Bowline knot is one of the most useful used in the entertainment industry. It makes a loop of any size at one end of a rope. It is easy to tie and untie. This is the knot used by the riggers on the ground to tie the cable and shackles to the rope the up-riggers drop from above in arenas.

 The Bowline is one of the most useful knots in the world. You can create a loop at the end of a rope that won't get tighter or looser. (bigger or smaller) bowline

This is Dave Vick, IATSE #274 Master Carpenter, Flyman and Rigger.

We thank Dave for his contribution to our site. 

"These knots brought to you courtesy of a tattooed rigger-type guy on the flyrail".
 Rigger Dave Vick

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