Here's what we have. The links are to the web sites that contain info about each piece of equipment and may even have a copy of the manual. 
Our sound rack. It's being stored in our tool cage at the moment. We goofed a little. When we were designing the rack, we measured all the doors we thought we would need to pass through. Then the plan changed and we wanted to use the old storage closet... You guessed it; we didn't measure the closet door. The rack is an inch too wide. Yuk!!! rack1 rack2


New Equipment just installed    
4 Mackie SRM 450 Speakers. These speakers are self powered. In other words, they have the amplifier built in. So, we need to run both a signal cable from the mixer and a power cord from the wall.

One of the nice things about having the amp in the speaker is that you can plug a mic directly into the speaker and it'll work. Very easy to use in any room with an electrical outlet.

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The DBX DriveRack PA. It's got everything you need between the mixer and the amps. For $500, you can't go wrong! Manual.



On the right is two inputs. The left & right outputs from the mixer go here.

The outputs are split into 6. 3 right & 3 left. Each also split into high, mid, and low ranges. This is for the cross-over functions. We're not using the x-over for x-over functions. We are using four of the outs, all set to full range. The speakers near the stage are in the high outs and the mid audience speakers are in the mid outs. Then, I've set the mid outs to 10milisecond delay. That's worth about 10 feet of front/back speaker separation. We will be getting an additional delay unit that will work for more then 10 feet.

We now have 16 ew122 wireless mic systems. Manual. We have the base station receiver and the belt pack with lav microphone.

These are used on Broadway!

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Computer software to run sound cues.
SFX ProAudio Show Control
 Echo Layla 20. This is a discontinued unit, but will work just fine. The current unit is the Layla 24. The only difference is the number of playback tracks.


Layla PC Manual


Brand Names  Description

Model #s/Click for Manual

Sabine Feedback exterminator fbx900
Art Graphic Eq 341
DOD Graphic Eq R-815
DOD Graphic Eq SR830
QSC Amplifier (400w) 400
QSC Amplifier USA1300
Sony Mini Disc Recorder/Player MDS-JE510
Mackie  Compact Mixer cr1604
The Fisher Radio, Receiver 500-T
Realistic Stereo Reverb 42-2108
Realistic 2 ch. Mic mixer  33-1057A
Realistic Mic mixer 23-553
Technix Cd Changer SL-PD8
Sunn Mic Mixer alpha six 32-1105
Rapco Signal Splitter ss-100I
JBL Speakers mr825
Rane Graphic EQ ME15