Dutchman Flat

As you can see, we have a terrible crack between these two flats. You can also see a piece of cloth hanging down. This is a piece of “Dutchman” that has been pulled away. Dutchman is applied to all the seams in a wall of flats to hide the seams.

Dutchman can be applied in several ways. We use the watered down paint method. Place some paint on the wall, then a 3″ wide strip of muslin into the paint and paint over that with a 3″ roller. Then “feather” out the edges of the muslin so that it lays flat. Let it dry and paint your set.

One of the reasons we use paint is that we can use what ever color the set is going to be and it is a bit cheaper for us. Other materials that can be used is watered down white glue or size. I’m sure that many people use other stuff. Do you have any methods you’d like to share?