At the end of this lesson, the student will be able to...

Safely use the Air Stapler system at ERM.

What will this lead to in his/her future?

Enable to safely use the Air Nailer & Staplers to build set units.

Why does s/he need this?

What materials/supplies will the student need to supply?

Safety Glasses

What materials/supplies will the teacher need to supply?

Lumber, Stapler, Air compressor, nail gun, shop plans for any units currently under construction.

What object/product shall the student end up with?

A built scenic unit.

Process, notes, outline, descriptions, script for teacher.

Demonstrate the power and danger of the nailer.

Show proper use of the tool.

Have each student use the tools on scrap lumber while under close supervision.

Questions that will encourage critical thinking and discovery:

What length fasteners do we use for what type of joint?

Shat would we use if we didn't have these particular tools?

How will the student be evaluated?

Work performed.

Relate this to future classes via…?

Building sets that we design