• 1 Point Perspective Desk, how to. Simple front view.

    Using 1 point perspective to draw a desk. We start with a single 1 point box and then expand to make a desk.

  • Backstage view of set change at Royal Opera House

    A timelapse backstage showing just what goes on behind-the-scenes to change the set from the afternoon rehearsals of Romeo and Juliet to the evening performance of La bohème.

  • Dimensioning Lights

    I use this worksheet  to help my students learn how to add dimensions between lighting units on a sample light plot. Adding dimensions while drafting a light plot saves an immense amount of time and during the lighting crew calls when the lights are being found in the theatre.

  • Doodling in Math Class: Connecting Dots

    My friend Herrick Goldman posted this on the stagecraft mailing list.

    "In a world where politics asks "why teach critical thinking?" we have this video series, which reminds me of a lighting lecture mr. Parker does... Enjoy And watch the rest of her stuff.."

    So, I had to watch. Great video...

    Anti-parabola propoganda, plus musing on math class, cardioids, connect the dots, envelopes of lines, even a bit of origami.

  • Drafting a flat using VectorWorks

    Drafting a 2-D theater flat using Vectorworks. This is just one method, of many, for drawing a 4x8 B'way style flat. It runs about 20 minutes and covers a lot of the tools/functions in Vectorworks.

  • Drafting a Ground Plan & Section Video

    Overview of a class demo about drafting a scenic ground plan and section on the same sheet of paper. Also discussed is the value, very high value, of using a section during the design/drafting process. Additional info includes quickly checking lighting angles, speaker placement, sightlines, page layout and a bit more.


  • Drafting paper setup, pencil use, ltg template, more

    Video from my Drafting and Drawing for Theater class at Columbus State University. Here I show very simple stuff including: taping the paper down, holding the pencil to draw various thickness lines, using a stage lighting template, using a parallel ruler, etc.

    For info on the lighting template, visit Field Template...

  • Drawing a set on stage in 1 Point Perspective

    Drawing a basic room on stage in perspective.

  • Drawing a Theatrical Flat in 3-D using Vectorworks

    Instructional video showing a method of drawing a theatrical flat using VectorWorks. The result is a flat in 3-D.

  • Drawing an Isometric Chair video

    We need to show what everything is going to look like during the design process. If you have photographs of your furniture, that's great. But, if you have to have your shop build a chair, you may have to draw it yourself. Here's a video from youtude's vcTECsketch showing at chair drawn in just seven minutes.

  • GAM's Prism gizmo for lighting units

    Scott Parker visited with GAM's Joe Tawil at the USITT 2011 Conference in Charlotte NC. Joe showed off GAM's newest wizz-bang Prism rotator that slips into the gel frame slot of your lighting unit. It's an overview and slightly commercial in nature. Enjoy.

  • How to use a Tape Measure

    What do all those little lines mean anyway. A closeup look at the markings of a standard U.S. tape measure. Inch lines, 1/2" 1/4" 1/8" and 1/16" lines are explained.

    Click on the picture to start the movie.

    Also an answer to that burning question: "why is the hook on the end of my tape measure loose?"

  • Isometric sketching: a clevis

    This video inspired me to suggest a session for the USITT National Conference. We called it "Analog Sketching for the TD." It shows the drawing of a cleve, from start to finish, using markers. One of the keys to the artist's process is turning the paper while s/he draws. One particular technique I've picked up is using a finger to help guide the pen during shading. The finger works as a stopper of sorts.

    youtube user vcTECsketch

  • Making White Models using VectorWorks, part I

    A tutorial showing how to create a basic ground plan of a simple set in Vectorworks. We then explore working planes that allow us to print each wall from its "front" view. These will then become the actual white model walls.
    The tutorial is shown at a faster speed and sounds like it.
    See part two for the paper version.

    Vectorworks® and Renderworks® are registered trademarks of Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.

  • Measuring with a Scale Ruler

    Using a Scale Ruler is one of the most important skills share by both designers and technicians. This video shows my demonstration on how to use a Scale Ruler pdf (free) and a plastic scale ruler to start measuring and marking a Scale Ruler Worksheet my students need to complete for class.

    Note about the PDF scale ruler and the worksheet:

    These scale rulers are certainly not as accurate as the plastic versions that you should actually use. Please check your settings on your computer before printing these out to make sure that you are printing the page at 100%. If your printer output is set to “fit to page,” these will be significantly off.

  • Met Opera backstage time lapse Puccini's LA BOHЀME

    Behind the Scenes of La Bohème

    Check out this backstage time lapse video of our classic Zeffirelli production of Puccini's LA BOHЀME. These massive sets require perfectly timed scene changes and the coordination of hundreds of company members. This epic production returns to the stage in the 15-16 season!

    Posted by The Metropolitan Opera on Tuesday, May 26, 2015


  • Robert Juliat's LED Units with Fred Lindauer

    We visited with Fred Lindauer from Robert Juliat at USITT 2011. Fred shows us their latest LED units.

  • Rogier van der Heide: Why light needs darkness

    "Lighting architect Rogier van der Heide offers a beautiful new way to look at the world -- by paying attention to light (and to darkness). Examples from classic buildings illustrate a deeply thought-out vision of the play of light around us."

  • Rosco's Gobo Rotator highlights

    Scott Parker visited with Rosco's Chad Tiller at the USITT 2011 Conference in Charlotte NC. Chad showed off Rosco's newest wizz-bang line of gobo rotators. It's an overview and slightly commercial in nature. Enjoy.

  • Shading 2 Point Room, Part 1

    Here I show how to shade our 2 point perspective front view sketch. These are basic sketching skills that will lead to creating front veiw renderings. Having sketches like these go a long way to help communicate with the director and the rest of the creative team during the pre-production process.

  • Shading 2 Point Room, Part 2

    Shading our 2 point perspective front view of a basic set design. Adding more drama through darker shading. Creating a black and white front view rendering that a set designer, and/or a lighting designer would use to communicate with others what they planned on placing on stage for a production.

  • Sketching a Cube video

    Everything we put on stage could start out as a cube of some sort. Platforms, flats, desks, etc... All have the basic shape of a cube.

  • Small fire at a big concert

    Fire at the American Airlines Center in Dallas during a Rihanna concert. Using fire on stage is a very serious undertaking. Even the professionals have bad days. If your HS director wants to have even the simplist of candles on stage, advise them against it.

    News story:

    Youtube video:

  • Spiderman; A Backstage type view from CBS

    60 Minutes from CBS broadcast this terrific behind the scenes look at the creation and rehearsal process of Broadway's Spider-Man from Nov. 2010.

  • Super Simple how-to draw 2 point perspective boxes

    I've created a short totorial on making rough-sketched collection of 2 point perspective boxes. This was for my drafting and draing for theatre class at CSU.

  • Testing Circuit Boards, Shocking

    Know what not to do when testing for ESD!

  • The Ultimate Focusing Tool

    The Ultimate Focusing Tool... I spent some time with Rob Junk at USITT 2011. Yes, the video is a bit commercial in nature, but it's a great tool.

  • Times Lapse Video: Behind the Scenes at the Metropolitan Opera | The New York Times

    Behind the curtain at the Metropolitan Opera. In order of appearance: set up for "La Rondine," set assembly for "L'Elisir d'Amore," stage rehearsal of "Rigoletto" and set up for "Le Comte Ory."

  • Vectorworks Classes, Layers, Viewports, 3D Flat

    I show how I use classes and layers to keep things organized within a 3D Flat symbol. I also show how to make several viewports to show the flat from various angles on a sheet layer.

     Here's a file with the 3D Flat symbol520.50 KBto play with.

  • White Model via Paper & Vectorworks.

    Now that we've printed out all the parts to our model, it's time to assemble the paper into a simple 3-D model.

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