Overview of a class demo about drafting a scenic ground plan and section on the same sheet of paper. Also discussed is the value, very high value, of using a section during the design/drafting process. Additional info includes quickly checking lighting angles, speaker placement, sightlines, page layout and a bit more.


Everything we put on stage could start out as a cube of some sort. Platforms, flats, desks, etc... All have the basic shape of a cube.

We need to show what everything is going to look like during the design process. If you have photographs of your furniture, that's great. But, if you have to have your shop build a chair, you may have to draw it yourself. Here's a video from youtude's vcTECsketch showing at chair drawn in just seven minutes.

Comments about Sound Forge from Sony from a guy on YouTube.


Parker's postings of general musings. A blog of sorts that may include items having everything or absolutely nothing to do with design or technical theater. Items here may also be found on Scott's Google plus, Facebook, twitter, etc. feeds.

Ideas for teachers. Lesson plans, links, videos, etc.

Teaching resources from around the net. Websites, books, etc...
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