Welcome to HSTech

Hello. my name is Scott Parker and I want to welcome you to these design/tech pages. HSTech was created over 18 years ago to show the public what my student technicians were doing.Designers & Technicians are equally important to a show as the Director and Actors. We are all charged with supporting the Author’s words.The pages grew and People visited. They would ask questions, share ideas, give suggestions and more. I would like to thank all the students, faculty and professionals who have contributed to our team. Yes, I consider us all part of a team.Many schools do not have a production type person. If you have tech questions, Please join our on-line user group. I hope that the info here will help those students who have the drive to “get the show up,” do so safely and have fun.Mission:
  • To assist High School Technical Theater students in their desire to learn about, create, and execute theatrical productions.
  • To enable the exchange of information in a respectful manner.
  • To foster team work and peer networks that will last beyond high school.