This is lifted directly from the Disney Internship Pages.

Our Company is dedicated to excellence in entertainment that ignites the spirit and warms the heart of each and every Guest. To set the scene we hire a wide range of professionals, including specialists in wardrobe, lighting, scenic design, production, stage management, and much more. In the Disney Professional Internship Entertainment role, participants have the opportunity to develop their technical skills in costuming, entertainment management, production, and even stage technician roles.

Internships in Entertainment may include:

  • Costumer
  • Costuming Buyer
  • Costuming Communications
  • Costuming Design
  • Costuming Management
  • Costuming Project Analyst
  • Costuming Workroom
  • Entertainment – Management/Disney Event Group
  • Entertainment – Production/Disney Event Group
  • Entertainment Resource Center
  • Entertainment Stage Technician

Positions are generally posted between late August – October (for spring programs) and late January-March (for fall programs).

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