Stripping the Wires
When you strip a wire, the first thing you do is to strip the outer shell of the cable using a box cutter. By doing this, you are exposing three wires. The wires you are exposing is the hot (black) wire, the neutral (white) wire, and the ground (green) wire. Take the yellow handle wire strippers (described above) and strip each wire, exposing enough metallic wire to connect to the plug.

Connecting the wires to the Plug
In the plug, there are three prongs with three connections. First, connect the green wire (it doesn’t matter what order you do it in) to the third prong by putting the wire into the slot and screwing it down. Now do the same for the next wires. However, there is still a place for each wire. The black wire goes into the gold-colored connection and the white wire goes into the silver-colored connection. Now screw down the plug to the back of the plug with the three screws. Now, your plug should work after you plug it into the socket.

Some basic wiring tools. Linesman pliers, cable cutters, wire strippers, wire crimpers, needle nose pliers.


There are plenty of tools for stripping wires. There is the wire stripper, it comes in many different forms and many different sizes. The many different wire strippers have colored handles, yellow , blue , and the red. The yellow handle is for more smaller jobs, such as stripping the smaller, thinner wires like the black, white, and green. The blue and red wire strippers are for bigger jobs like cutting cables and is for a more variety in wire cutting because of its variety of holes for different sizes of wires. Other tools we use is a box cutter and a screw driver. The box cutter is for pealing away at the shell of a cable. The screwdriver is for connecting in the wires in to the plug and screwing on the back to the front of the plug.

A grounded, Edison plug

An R40 150watt lamp, with its base off

Patrick L and Robert Raphael Technical Theater

How the wires come from the Electric Co. to our circuit breaker.

When the wires start off from the Electric Co. there are two wires, the black and the white wires. The black wires goes to a transformer outside the school, underground. The Transformer transforms the hot wire’s (black) high voltage to a lower voltage, while the neutral wire bypasses the transformer and goes into the school. When the wires go into the school, the black wire goes into the distributor. It distributes the hot wire into three wires of 120 volts. The three wires are blue, red, and black. The three wires goes into the Transformer box. The circuit breaker, which is in the transformer box, limits the amount of power that goes into the outlet. At the bottom of the transformer box is a neutral bar where the neutral wire enters and then goes straight to the outlet. The ground wire then comes up from the ground and enters the transformer box and goes to the outlet. That is how the power comes from the power company to the transformer.

Calculating Watts, Voltage, and Amps
Calculating the voltage, amps, and watts is relatively easy is you know the equation. The equation is Watts /Volts = Amps or W/V=A. There is an easy way top remember this equation. The way is West Virginia, WVA is the abbreviation for West Virginia.

ex. 100w / 1,000v = .1 A
100w / 100v = 1A
100w / 10v = 10A

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