Panel Saw

This is like a huge radial arm or chop saw. We use it to cross cut sheets of plywood. The saw is a standard circular saw mounted on tracks

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Hand Power Tools


My list of tools for the techie. In order of preference.

  1. Drill/Screw Gun
  2. Jig/Sabre Saw
  3. Router
  4. Sander
  5. Circular Saw*

If you were to have just numbers 1 & 2, you would be well on your way to building just about any set you'd need to.

* Personally, I dislike circular saws. I have a couple of them, but I don't use them much for freehand work. Perhaps my dislike goes back to the Red Cross first aid training tape showing a construction worker being injured (fake for the tape) while using one. These things can buck back at you if the wood pinches. I've seen this happen a few times.

Drill / Screw Guns

Comments & Suggestions from our visitors:

Tech Tip - when using a screw gun, make sure it's in the lower speed for driving screws. Then "squeeze and release" the trigger. This technique prevents the screw head from getting stripped. NEVER allow the bit to rattle around in the screw head.

Chris Jahn, ATD, Actor's Playhouse Coral Gables FL


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Sabre Saw

This is a Sabre Saw, aka, Jig Saw. This saw uses a blade that travels up and down. This cut is being bad using a piece of wood as a straight edge. The line that needs to be cut was marked at both ends, then the wood was placed 1 1/4" from the line. This is the distance from the edge of the base place to the blade.

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