Learning how to properly use a ruler is the basis for just about everything involved with laying out a stage, scenery, lighting, etc. This video shows how to use a metric ruler on a full-scale ruler worksheet.

hi everyone today I’m going to use a metric measuring worksheet and show you how to use the worksheet with metric measuring if you want Imperial measurements and fractions I have another worksheet and click that link right there otherwise let’s get started so my worksheet has the first line here is already measured at 140 millimeters or 14 centimeters I’m going to measure the next line and let me get out of the way if I line up my ruler here 0 to the beginning of the line actually let me first draw a
guideline so I can measure so I can write my measurements here and put a little marker there so they’ll go from there to there okay so now measure it zero at one two three all the way up to nine and a half centimeters so this one is either 95 millimeters 90 .5 millimeters or it is 9.5 centimeters should be nine point five without sloppy centimeters okay the next line down we have ten and a half centimeters or 105 millimeters because each one of these lines is a millimeter and so this is in each in between each of these
centimeters is 10 millimeters so we have 10 20 30 and so on up to 100 millimeters plus five so it’s 105 millimeters one zero five millimeters or 10.5 see if I get this neater centimeters I have some other shapes on here and obviously you know you can measure this this will be um let’s say we’ve got 35 6 7 8 so this is 38 millimeters that way and then we can hold this like so or we can turn our paper all right and we’ve got here a 10 20 25 millimeters or two and a half centimeters and you can use this to also
figure out you know do some math and figure out the area by multiplying that and I’ve got some other shapes here too that I’ve added where you can also add angle measurements to figure out your right angles or your angles this is a right angle these guys are right angles these are not right angles and so you can use your measuring technique to figure out what those angles are and then for these guys here we could do your radius or or you know diameter here so that is um one centimeter to the radius or two centimeters for the
diameter and then you can figure out your circumstance circumference and all of your other measurements there if you want these this worksheet click the link on the description below and you’ll go to my website and I’m going to ask for your contact information so I can send you more news when I publish new videos also like And subscribe if you’d like the answer sheet to this I can also Supply that but I do charge a fee to help support my channel and it’s five dollars but um there you have it so
you can use this for your students or for yourself to practice your measuring whether you’re using this kind of ruler or you’re using a metal ruler that has centimeters again uh my other videos I have videos on measuring Imperial I have a metric tape measure video check the cards at the end of the playlist and have a great day thanks for watching bye
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