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“over the course of his 10 weeks there, a little taste of everything. Sometimes even that was too much; the job called ”Super” meant picking cigarette butts and other garbage from the brilliant green lawn in front of the theater. Other jobs were hit or miss. ”Run Crew” might mean operating a spotlight for the new musical ”R Shomon” at the festival’s smaller stage, the Nikos; or dressing its star, Audra McDonald; or mopping the deck or setting the props or filling actors’ glasses with too much ice and getting upbraided for it. The best assignment was ”Lines,” which meant helping one of the Equity actors (perhaps Ms. Tomei?) memorize her part.”

IT’S a good thing Lance Rubin declined the beer with his dinner, because dessert involved power tools. From 7 to 11 (according to the schedule posted daily on the call board) he had ”Carps” duty at the Williamstown Theater Festival’s scenery shop. That particular evening, he wound up cutting wood into long strips of molding for the elaborate set of ”Design for Living,” which would play for two weeks at the Adams Memorial Theater, starring Marisa Tomei, Campbell Scott and Steven Weber.