Control Systems for Live Entertainment, by John Huntington
Introduction to Show Control explains the practice of interconnecting and synchronizing entertainment technology systems such as lighting, lasers, audio, video, stage machinery, animatronics, special effects, and pyrotechnic systems for live shows such as concerts, theater productions, theme park attractions, themed retail installations, cruise ship shows, immersive art experiences, museum exhibits, and traditional performing arts. Designed to be read along with Huntington’s companion volume Introduction to Show Networking, this book covers topics including cue concepts, triggers and synchronization, cueing systems, show types, and system architectures before moving on to methods of connecting entertainment control systems together. An easy-to-understand set of system design principles is introduced next, and then a cohesive show control design approach is explained and examined through practical example systems drawn from the world of live show production. This new book–along with the companion Introduction to Show Networking volume–are the successors to Huntington’s now-retired Show Networks and Control Systems (previously Control Systems for Live Entertainment), the industry standard since 1994.

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