by Steve Shelley

“A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting” by Steven Louis Shelley is an invaluable resource for teachers and students in stage design and technology. As a high school teacher, this book is an indispensable tool in effectively teaching the intricacies of stage lighting.

Steve’s approach is comprehensive, starting from the basics and gradually building to more advanced concepts. The book covers all aspects of creating a lighting design, taking the reader through script analysis, rough design process sketches, and final light plots and paperwork. This step-by-step progression allows students to grasp the fundamentals while encouraging them to explore their creative potential.

Steve doesn’t just present dry technical information; he incorporates fascinating stories from his experiences on the road. These anecdotes make the content more engaging and provide valuable insights that students can apply in real-world scenarios.

His “Soapbox” rants are a brilliant touch. These passionate interjections touch on various critical issues in stage lighting, offering thought-provoking discussions on the art and craft of lighting design. It prompts students to think beyond the technical aspects and consider their work’s broader context and impact.

The book is an excellent teaching aid for educators due to its clear organization and practical approach. The content is well-structured, making designing lesson plans easy and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each topic. The book’s hands-on approach also allows students to apply what they learn, encouraging active participation and creativity.

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