Explore the fascinating world of color in theatrical lighting with ‘Color Light: Navigating Color Mixing in the Midst of an LED Revolution, A Handbook for Lighting Designers’. This groundbreaking book delves into the new methods and challenges of LED-based additive color-mixing fixtures. Discover how to manipulate color to create stunning visual effects and effectively communicate your artistic vision. Whether you’re a lighting designer, artist, or simply passionate about the magic of light and color, ‘Color Light’ is a must-have addition to your collection. Enhance your understanding of color manipulation and equip yourself with the language to discuss color with your collaborators. Get ready for an exciting and colorful journey like never before!

We are presently at the leading edge of a revolution in theatrical lighting, redefining how it can be used to create and communicate. Today s LED-based additive color-mixing fixtures require new methodologies and new ways of thinking, and Color & Light directly addresses this technology s potentials and challenges. But underpinning lighting s many recent technological changes is the fundamental language of color that artists have worked with since the birth of humanity s artistic urges. More saturated vs. less, warmer vs. cooler, more green vs. more magenta, recessive vs. dominant the bedrock language of color manipulation endures, whether you are putting paintbrush to canvas or calling up color attributes on a high-tech lighting console. Balancing the basics and the latest innovations, Color & Light is a book for everyone involved artistically with light and color. It will enhance your understanding of how a lighting setup works from a color perspective, while equipping you with the language to communicate about color with your collaborators.

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