Perspective Without Pain  by Philip W. Metzger (Author) This book is excellent for students or beginners who want to learn perspective. It is illustrated and it has different samples to follow.

Imagine perspective without pain—no T-squares, complicated equations or mechanical terms—just simple instructions and hands-on exercises to teach you how to create a sense of depth in your drawings and paintings. Now go a step further—imagine having fun with perspective. With this book, you will. Here Phil Metzger give you clear-cut guidelines in everyday terms—with a lot of friendliness and a little humor tossed in along the way. As an experienced artist, he understands how you work, and he knows that the last thing you need is a lot of rigid rules to tie you down. Here you’ll learn techniques of perspective that will help your creativity—not hinder it.

You’ll learn how to:

   • Achieve the illusion of depth by gradually diminishing the sizes of—and the distance between—similar objects
   • Use soft edged and less detail on objects in the background to make them seem farther away
   • Introduce depth simply by manipulating color and value
   • Draw from any viewpoint—on either side, above or below
   • Draw accurate angles without complicated measuring devices
   • Use perspective to track down the problem when something you’ve drawn just doesn’t look right
   • Measures relative sizes and add the details that make the difference between a convincing pictures and an awkward one
   • Properly draw roads, paths, streets, fields and streams to suggest depth in a scene and to describe the flatness or hilliness of a landscape.

Perspective Without Pain

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