Book Description
In this readable book by Elizabeth Ward is everything you need to know about the art of stage management, from pre-audition and rehearsals to performances and closing duties. The basics are presented with room to grow in confidence and proficiency. The author invites you to use this book as a guide while you work with your instructor and director. She presents the information in such a way that it will inspire you to look beyond the basics and discover ways to creatively adapt this information to your production. She defines the position of stage manager as demanding, frustrating and incredibly rewarding.


The goal throughout the book is to alleviate some of the fears that you might have about the job and reinforce the idea that this is a learning experience. No one is flawless, especially when dealing with as many factors as a stage manager must. This text will be valuable to you in high school theatre, and it will prepare you for college productions and could even be of value to you in future community theatre experiences. There are also many sample forms and reports such as audition forms, rehearsal summaries, scene breakdowns and numerous checklists to help you develop a comfortable familiarity with the work of a stage manager as an important part of the production team.

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