The Ultimate Focusing Tool

The Ultimate Focusing Tool… I spent some time with Rob Junk at USITT 2011. Yes, the video is a bit commercial in nature, but it’s a great tool.

Rosco’s Gobo Rotator highlights

Scott Parker visited with Rosco’s Chad Tiller at the USITT 2011 Conference in Charlotte NC. Chad showed off Rosco’s newest wizz-bang line of gobo rotators. It’s an overview and slightly commercial in nature. Enjoy.

Measuring with a Scale Ruler

Using a Scale Ruler is one of the most important skills share by both designers and technicians. This video shows my demonstration on how to use a Scale Ruler pdf (free) and a plastic scale ruler to start measuring and marking a Scale Ruler Worksheet my students need...

How to use a Tape Measure

What do all those little lines mean anyway. A closeup look at the markings of a standard U.S. tape measure. Inch lines, 1/2″ 1/4″ 1/8″ and 1/16″ lines are explained. Click on the picture to start the movie. Also an answer to that burning...

What’s It Like To Be A House Electrician In New York City?

This article is posted here with permission from Gary Fails at New York’s City Center is an amazing theatre.  Built in 1923, the 2,750 seat house is one of the largest in the city.  It fills its stage year round with performing companies from...