Designing a show is simply designing an environment for an event to occur. A Neil Simon play often involves interiors of homes. Therefore, a living room would be the environment and the words & actions are the event.

This school year, we will be devoting a bit more time developing these design pages.

Are you a slave to fashion? Have you ever considered working in a donut shop to earn some extra cash? Summer job? When I was a kid, I was at my Aunt’s house for a picnic. Midway into the evening, my cousin walked out wearing a Dunkin-Donut’s uniform. It took me by surprise. But, now I know what a person selling donuts wears. This doesn’t always work. Crispy Cream people wear different uniforms.
So, you can find out what they wear by going and buying a donut. Sit at a table and do some simple drawings. By the way, this is called primary research.

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