These painting pages are our newest addition to the site. Given time, we hope that they will help you in creating your scenic elements for your productions. We’ve added a link to a site that has sets of instructions for decorative painting techniques. One of the most often painted fake things are doors. These sliding doors are actually flat flats. Paint is applied in the direction that wood grain would run for each board. Then, hi-lights and shadows are added to give the effect of depth. To learn this technique, you should start with a basic gray door and then paint lighter & darker gray panels. After that, add white hi-lights and black shadows. See also the “pro corner” page.

These are painted books, as if you couldn’t tell; see also the bookshelf page.

These painters are hard at work on the floor for The life and dath of Larry Benson (see the page). We used a four color painting technique. The base coat was a dark brown. One student used a roller to lay in this color while the other three used brushes attached to sticks to add wood grain patterns. Each student had a different color, ranging from a brown that was a bit lighter then the paint on the roller, to a very light yellow. The fifth student had a dry brush and would lightly blend all the colors. Everyone was painting in one direction thus creating the look of wood planks for this suburban home. After the floor was dry, we sealed it with a water based clear sealer. Once this was dry, we took a Sharpie magic marker and drew black lines to make outlines of wood floor boards.

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