How to use a scale ruler to add dimensions to a light plot. 


Here's the worksheet I created for the exercise.

Here's the paper version of the Scale Rulers. When you print these out, be sure you have the print output set to No Scaling. The pdf needs to print full size to be in the proper scale. I suggest you still check it with an actual ruler. Also, if you make copies, double check those as well. I've had copiers enlarge/reduce by just 1-3% and it knocks everything off.

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A quick how-to on using an architects' scale ruler and completing a Scale Ruler worksheet for my Drafting & Drawing and my Fundamentals class at CSU.

Reading and/or measuring with a scale ruler is a basic skill required for many involved with design and/or technical theater.
A copy of the worksheet and the paper version of the scale rulers are posted here.



The script is the paperwork of the author to the audience. It just takes to rest of us to bring that paperwork to life. The creative team uses the script to discover what the author wishes to say. But then, we need to communicate how we wish to say our interpretation, our design, etc... Our paperwork visually shows all that stuff we want the tech crew to build, to hang, to rig, to sew, etc.

Seen here is the shop drawing for out folding platform. When you take a closer look, you will see the cut list and the shopping list on the right. The ground plan view is to the left, front view on top-left and the end of the platform is on top, to the right.  shopdwg

 When we use "scale" we are enabling us to use a small drawing to diagram a larger project. If we wanted an extremely accurate drawing of an object, we would draw a picture of it at Full Scale. That is, draw it full size. For every foot of object you would have a foot of drawing. You could trace an object and that would be "life Size," or "full scale."




The role of the lighting designer within theatre is to work with the director, set designer, and costume designer, to create an overall 'look' for the show in response to the text, while keeping in mind issues of visibility, safety and cost. The lighting designer also works closely with the stage manager on show control programming.


We have modern, computer capable equipment for lighting design. From this station, the house manager can control all the lights in the building. There is a special emergency switch in the system that when thrown shuts down all the lights instantly. The house lights have emergency battery backup power to special lamps in the art deco sconces that provide illumination in any emergency.


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