NY Sky Line

The Sky Line of New York from the 1930’s was the backing for our production, Two Gentlemen.  It had nine strings of Christmas lights attached to its back with almost all of those little light bulbs sticking through small holes. Each string had 100 bulbs. That’s almost nine hundred!!! The Sky Line was made using ¼” Luan ply 1” furring strips laid flat. First we the designer’s drawing onto the plywood. The designer's front elevation was drawn in 1’ scale. So, for every inch on paper, we needed to increase the size to 1 foot on the plywood. Please refer to the page about gridding and the one on scale if you need more info.

A view of the Sky Line as it looked under actual lighting. This is a scene set in a night club.

A view of the Christmas lights inserted into the back of the flats

Robert is measuring the the needed length for one of the vertical styles needed.

Craig is using the chop saw to cut the 1″x3″ furring strips. Notice that Craig is wearing the required safety goggles. Robert can be seen holding the long end of the wood as it rests upon a bench. The bench is set on its end to provide a support for the 1×3 so that Craig has safer control of the lumber.

Here we see the framing laid out on top of the Sky Line. It will be attached to the back of these cut outs after our cut list is finished.