We have two trees being built. The 4×4 centers are legs for platforms. The legs will poke through the lid of the platform and the tree framing will hold chicken wire and paper mache. Each plywood half circle is cut to random sizes and placed at irregular distances from each other.

This is the beginning of our “mom” tree for Into the Woods. We will attach a chair to the small platform. The base frame is left open to allow a technician to be inside and pull/push the unit on & off stage without being seen.

This photo is early in the process. More photos that will follow will show the proper bracing to support the upper platform. The caster corner plates are worth a look.

These are the Waiting for Godot tree being built. Inside is a piece of 1 1/2″ pipe that is inserted into a lighting boom base. Several pieces of wood are cut into odd circles and a hole is drill into each one. The pipe holds them in place and pieces of 2×3 wood holds then up. It’s all then wrapped in chicken wire and then covered with muslin.

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