How to use the Altman Model 1000Q Spotlight-Gerald(WebPage assignment-1st draft). This model of Altman spotlight is controlled from rear. This light is best used from the right side of the unit. This way one has access to the gel controls with their right hand and has access to the focusing rod, iris and shutter with their left hand. On the bottom part of the spotlight, there is a switch which turns the power on and off. Holding it from the rear, it’s just turn it on, point and shoot.

This picture from the rear end of the spotlight has the focusing rod extended. When the rod is extended, it blurs the outer edges of the light, whereas, when pushed in, the edges of the light are sharp and defined. The red part of the rod closer to the lighting unit can be turned to make the size of the light bigger or smaller depending on which way it is turned. This is the iris. When turned counterclockwise, the area of light becomes smaller when turned clockwise, the area becomes larger. There is a black wheel between the body of the light and the iris is the shutter, which can be used when a quick blackout is called for.

The picture to the right is that of the insides of the Alt Spot 1000Q. To the left, is the 1000 watt lamp used in the spot. It is a Tungsten-Halogen lamp, which is the only lamp designed for use in the spot. Behind the lamp is a fan which cools the light. (a 1000 watt lamp can generate a lot of heat. As always, use caution and protective gloves if it’s necessary to replace the lamp.) Between the lamp and the end of the spotlight is a lens which focuses the light. This is controlled be the focusing rod.

This is a picture of the gel controls. There are six levers that, when in the lowered position, raise the gel up in the path of the light. The seventh knob is used as a dowser, which is completely opaque. When in the lowered position, it acts as a shutter and blocks the light completely. More ideal for smooth fade outs. The gels are held onto the casing by four thumb screws which can easily be removed, giving easy access to the gel frames inside the unit.

Once removed, this is what the gels look like. They are set up in a boomerang fashion so that when the lever is lowered, the gel and frame move up into the path of the light, coloring the light on stage. The other gels and dowser are in the upright position and do not have an effect on the light.

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