1. Hook C-Clamp onto pipe. Remember that if you are leaning into the pipe, you will want to face the opening of the clamp away from you so that you may push the C-Clamp towards the pipe, where-as, if you are leaning away from the pipe. you want to hook the C-Clamp from the far side of the pipe so that you may pull yourself into the pipe.
  2. tighten the C-Clamp snug with your fingers
  3. Attach the Safety Cable
  4. Tighten the C-Clamp bolt with your wrench. Don’t over tighten!
  5. Un-wrap the pig tail and let it hang.
  6. Point the unit in the general direction as indicated by the Light Plot.
  7. Double check that the unit is right side up.
  8. Tighten the various bolts so the unit is snug. Don’t “lock” the unit until you are told to do so by the designer.
  9. Pull all the shutters.
  10. Plug the unit into the specified circuit. If you don’t know which circuit to plug into yet, let the pigtail dangle. This reminds us that the unit still needs to be plugged in.

When hanging a light onto a pipe, you will be a safer technician if you follow the same steps each time. Granted, certain situations will call for some ingenuity to get the light onto a pipe, but…

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