DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING SUPERVISION! Jenna is upside-down. Yup, the scene requires her character to be lowered by her ankles and pock her head through a porthole. We don’t see her ankles, or the person holding her. So, we had to devise a way to lower her upside-down.

Here we see Jeff and Elizabeth preparing Jenna for her trip. Hidden by her costume is the safety gear that secures Jenna to the unit. 

  1. She is belted in.
  2. Her shoulders are supported.
  3. Her legs lock over the unit.

The frame of the structure is put together just like a platform.

Atop the platform is another platform. This one is attached with heavy-duty strap hinges. (These were special ordered. Not the ones from the local hardware store.) The platform is counterweighted so that it can travel with ease.

The frame is constructed with overlapping 2×4’s. Glue & screws. The 1/8″ cable is braided, clamped and taped. Notice that the cable wraps completely around the 2×4’s. This uses the full strength of the frame. As opposed to using some sort of hardware (like a screw eye.)

This foldout seat is on the opposite side of the unit. It is used to counter the weight of Jenna on the front. The unit was pushed into place and before Jenna was flipped upside-down, this seat was sat upon. Why does it have legs? If the counterweight person were to sit before Jenna is flipped, their weight could pull the tower over backwards. The legs keep this from happening.

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