Seen here: Cable cutters;Part of a shackle; A loop of cable ;A Thimble

The thimble is inserted into the loop to prevent kinking the cable. Any kinks in cable can lead to excessive wear and tear, thus allowing the cable to break.

This is the business end of a “Nicopress” Compression Tool with a “Nicopress” Sleeve in its jaws.

This is the completed assembly of our cable to turn buckle. From left to right: Cable, “Nicopress” Sleeves, Thimble, Shackle, and turn buckle eye.Notice the piece of wire inserted into the shackle pin. It will keep the pin from unscrewing itself by accident.

Some comments & suggestions from our visitors:
Nick Spring, Markville Theatrix tells us: there is a pic. of a shackle with ac cable (aircraft cable) attached to a shackle with wire through the pin eye. you may want to mention that this can also be called “moussing”. this is a term I recently learned so I thought I’d pass it on

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