At the end of this lesson, the student will be able to… Draw a series of wire frame boxes. Technique will include the use of line weight in order to create the illusion of 3 dimensions. What will this lead to in his/her future? Being able to draw set pieces and furniture. This will also lead to drawing rooms, buildings, platforms, stages and other scenery. Perspective will be added. Why does s/he need this?   To be able to create drawings from rough sketches to final renderings. 

What materials/supplies will the student need to supply?

Paper & Pencils.

What materials/supplies will the teacher need to supply?

Index cards to be used as straight edges. Black board/large paper and drawing instrument. Chalk/pencils. Straight edge.

What object/product shall the student end up with?

A series of boxes: wire frame, solid, 2d, 3d, shaded. Progress will be paced to the class.

Process, notes, outline, descriptions, script for teacher.

Have students follow along in drawing lines to create a square.

Then create another offset by 1/2.

Show easy way of measuring the offset by using part of pencil.

Label each corner with a letter, a, b, c, etc. 8 corners total.

??? Does one square appear closer to you then the other?

Join the squares to create a box

??? Now, does one square appear closer to you then the other?

??? How could we make on square appear closer?

Make one square’s lines heavier.

??? Now, does one square appear closer to you then the other?

??? Any other ideas of how to make one appear closer then the other?

Continue with lesson depending on speed of class. Create a shaded box. Add a little light and shadow.

Create wire frame boxes and place furniture inside using wires as guidelines.

Questions that will encourage critical thinking and discovery:

What other uses could we use these simple boxes for?

How could these boxes have helped you in your homework assignment of drawing a room at home?

Can you shade using only lines?

What is perspective?

How can we use these drawing skills in designing lights?

How will the student be evaluated?

Observations of drawings the students produce. Can thay demonstrate the skill via creating a 3d box?

Relate this to future classes via?

When creating magic sheets for light cues.

You will be using these skills when designing sets.

When taking Set & Stage Design in 3rd cycle.

F-Band Lighting Class Here we see the process we performed during class.

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