At the end of this lesson, the student will be able to… Describe what a ground plan is. State the need for one and prep for creating one of the Papp.  What will this lead to in his/her future? Tomorrow, we will be measuring the theater and creating a ground plan. Why does s/he need this? To be able to perform the duties of designer. What materials/supplies will the student need to supply? 

  • What materials/supplies will the teacher need to supply?
  • Sample ground plans of main theater
  • What object/product shall the student end up with?
  • Process, notes, outline, descriptions, script for teacher.
  • Questions that will encourage critical thinking and discovery:
  • How do we communicate with the crew?
  • Why do designers need this skill?
  • why do technicians need this skill?
  • How will the student be evaluated?
  • Relate this to future classes via?
  • Tomorrow’s class will create GP
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