How to hang & focus a stage lighting unit for a play/musical.

What will this lead to in his/her future?

The ability to serve as a stage electrician.

Why does s/he need this?

The ability to serve as a stage electrician.

What materials/supplies will the student need to supply?

Adjustable Wrench

What materials/supplies will the teacher need to supply?

A pipe, lighting units, electricity, preferably in a theater.

What object/product shall the student end up with?

A stage light focused upon a wall or set piece.

The skill to focus a light with the minimum of directions.

Process, notes, outline, descriptions, script for teacher.

Proper focusing of a light involves several people. The designer, the master electrician, the stage electrician.

The designer is to specify where the light is to point. Then, the electrician is to follow the designer’s directions as to direction, sharpness/softness of edge, cuts, etc…

Questions that will encourage critical thinking and discovery:

What type of edge would fit into this given space?

What type of event would a hard edge lend itself to?

What type of event would a soft edge lend itself to?

Which edge would you use to create a blended wash?

How will the student be evaluated?

Observation of focusing process & results.

Observation of team work between designers & electricians.

Relate this to future classes via? When we focus for our next show, you will be using these skills and we will be working very quickly.

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