I’ve searched and searched, only to find a small handful of lesson plans relating to technical theater (see the bottom of this page.) Specifically for high school. Please help us all out by submitting your lessons, or ideas for lessons, to our lesson plan pages. I have to admit that most of my lessons are stuck in my head. It’s the current show and the tech work that needs to get done that dictates what we do in the class. As you all know, with each show, the needs change. That’s not to say that I don’t have my info written down. Just take a look at the how-to pages. There they are, just not in “lesson plan” form. Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best when it comes to writing skill. That’s ok! Everyone has their strengths. So, What I’d like to do is create the Best source for technical theater lesson plans on the web!

Please help by submitting some plans, in whatever shape they’re in. It’s really easy to add lesson plans onto this site. Go up to the teachers link above. As you hover over the link, it will create a drop down menu… Click on “add new page.” That will open an editor page that has a WYSIWYG editor. For information about how that works, please see the “Website FAQ” page. The link is on the left side menu.

Other people’s web sites. Some have lesson plans, others have course descriptions… These may change. Please let me know if a link doesn’t work anymore.

Course Materials for CT 272 Stagecraft – Spring 2000

Theatre Lesson Plan Exchange

Theatres – New York, London, Toronto & International. This site has info about the theaters themselves. A good source of history.

ANDY’S BEGINNERS PAGE isn’t so much a lesson plan, but a great start for, well, beginners…. This link is broken 4/6/02. We hope it comes back….

If you have more links to add to this page, please do. YES, you can add information to this very page. If you have registered for the site, you should see a small icon of a piece of paper and pencil just to the right of the page title (in this case, “lesson plans”) at the top of this article. Clicking on that link opens up this page in the on-line editor. Scroll down and add your information at the appropriate place. If you’re adding a link, here’s how:

Type the text you wish to add. Highlight the words you wish to use as the actual link. Click on the ‘link’ button just above the editor window. It should be the one all the way on the left that looks like a sideways figure eight. Add the link URL address and a title. Click on the save button (it’s the disk icon at the top of the page or below this window.
You’re done….

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