We would like to thank Dr. Len Radin for his work. You may need to adapt some of the sections to fit your program. Dr. Radin gives permission to do so. See his letter below. Please drop him a line to let him know how you used his work. Advanced Production Ideas A Theater Lesson Plan

Table of Contents  Job Descriptions:  

  • Property Master  
  • Program Biographies  
  • Makeup
  • Publicity – Poster Distribution
  • Stage Maintenance
  • Event Planner
  • Stage Manager
  • Program Advertisement
  • Technical Crew Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Ticket Sales
  • Treasurer
  • Sound Technician
  • Assistant Stage Manager
  • Second Assistant Stage Manager
  • Assistant to the Director
  • Sergeant at Arms
  • Publicity – Poster Design
  • Student Evaluation Form

Read This First

To the teacher,

Greetings! What follows is a collection of directions that I give all of my students whenever we do a full-length play. Each student is assigned a “tech job.” This may include make up, music director, etc. Each student is graded on both their dramatic role and their tech job.

I do not claim that my material is all original. I got it from many sources and organized and added to it to fit my program. The last play we did was Alice in Wonderland. It had about 200 people associated with it in some way. Without a clear delineation of the student’s tech jobs, the production would have been much more difficult.

I require that all students present a report of their progress to the Assistant Director (another tech job) at two dates during the rehearsal process.

Feel free to use this material for all non-commercial use. If you do use it, please email me and let me know how everything went with your production.


Dr. Len Radin
ETA State Director of Massachusetts

The Contract

Drama Team plays are a team effort. The Drama Team has attained a national reputation for excellence only because every member of the Team did his or her best. Remember that everyone on the Team is counting on you to carry out your technical job with creativity and enthusiasm. Your job will be done only if you do it.

A contract:

I promise to seek out ways to do my tech job as completely and creatively as I possibly can. I understand that a passing grade is necessary to maintain my membership in the Team. I also understand that a grade of at least a “B” is necessary to earn Thespian points and the privilege of going to Thespian regional and international festivals. I understand that to earn a passing grade on my technical job I must to the following:

  • Attempt to solve all problems as maturely as possible and reformat from excessive complaining or negative attitudes.
  • Understand that I am working on a Team and will help my teammates to the best of my ability. Ask others how I may help.
  • Give written reports on progress of my tech job to the Assistant Director on dates stipulated in my tech job directions.
  • Raise a minimum of $50 by selling VIP tickets and/or ads.
  • Complete my tech job by the deadline.
  • Take care of my own costume and props. After each performance, place props and costume in their proper place.
  • Come to all assigned rehearsals on time.
  • Do not wait until there is only a few weeks left to solve problems. By then it may be too late and people may be too busy at the last minute to help.



Job Description – Costumer

Your technical job is to costume the show and return the costumes where they came from.

Talk to me in September about what type of costumes are needed. You will need a list of the cast. Do not do this during class. We will need a lot of time.

Measure the cast. Only you and the costume mistress should do this. Get a measurement list from me. Learn the correct method of measuring. This is very important. If different people measure in different ways, we will have a lot of problems when the costumes arrive. By September 15 everyone should be measured. The dancers should not be measured .

Discuss with me where the costumes will come from. Some will be made, some will be bought, some will be rented and some will be borrowed. We will borrow some from NASC and perhaps Williams College or BCC.

On October 1, give a list of the following to the Assistant Director: names of character, who is playing the character, sizes of character, and where we are getting the costume.

By October 15, the order should go out to the costume rental place. Be sure to approve the final list with me. A copy of the order should me made and given to me.

On November 3, give a report to the Assistant Director. By this date, you should know where each costume is coming from. The only costumes that you will not have by this time are costumes that we will rent. You should have all other costumes.
Very Important! It is your job to take care of costumes. If they are lost you are responsible for them! Be sure that costumes are locked up in the home ec. Department. It is up to you to make sure that costumes are locked up after each rehearsal. You are financially responsible for lost items. This job gets difficult during a show and after each performance. It is very important to keep track of all costumes. Everyone will have their own box to keep all the costumes together.

After the show, it is up to you to send back all the rented costumes in their original plastic covering and boxers with the original paper slips identifying each costume. It is also up to you to return all borrowed costumes and thank the people that lent them to up by writing a letter. Give the Assistant Director a copy of all the letters you write or at least show the letter to the A.D.

Job Description – Property Master

It is your job to collect and take care of all the props.

Make a list of all the props that we will need. This takes a careful reading of the script. After you make you own list, talk to me and ask what I want to add to the list. Pay attention to all rehearsals to find out what props you will need.

On October 1, give a list of props to the Assistant Director including what props you have collected and what props you have yet to find.
Collect all props. Some will be very difficult to find or collect. Be creative and resourceful. Don’t hesitate to ask others to help, but it is your responsibility.

On November 3 give a list of all props to the AD. By this date you are required to have all props ready. Do not wait to the last few days of October to find everything you need.

You are financially responsible for the props. If an actor looses a prop, you have to buy another one. Be sure that all props are locked away after each rehearsal in the same place. Jealously guard all props. Do not let the actors loose anything.
Before each rehearsal and each performance be sure that the props are in their proper place.
You are responsible for props during the performances. If a prop is not available because someone lost it, it is your responsibility. If possible, get extra props to prepare for any lost items.
After the play, return all props to their proper owner and write letters of thanks. Show the letters to the AD.

Do not let the actors lose any props. This may be the most difficult part of your job.

Job Description – Set Crew

Your job is to help make sure that the set is completed by November 3.

Talk to me. I will plan the construction of the stage. Also talk to Joel Rudnick, our artist in residence. He is designing the stage. All major construction of platforms should be completed by September 15.
On October 1, give a report to the Assistant Director explaining in detail exactly what you did and what is left to do.

Do not wait to be told what to do! Be creative and resourceful in building the set.

You are financially responsible for the tools. Do not allow the tools to be left out after rehearsals. If a tool is lost, you are financially responsible for it. Lock all tools away after each use.

After the play, you are in charge of striking the set. Be sure that nothing is left on the stage after the stage has been cleared.

We will set up a “build the set day” when parents will help build the main supports.
After each rehearsal, check the stage and house to make sure all tools and building supplies are put away and locked.

After the play is over, write thank you notes to all the people that helped
you, particularly Joel Rudnick and the parents that helped build the set. Show these letters to the Assistant Director before sending them.

Job Description – Program Biographies

Your tech job is to write biographies on all Drama Team members for the program.

The biographies should be interesting. They should be from one sentence to one paragraph in length. Be sure to write a biography for every Drama Team member plus all adults that have a part in the play. Do not include any “in jokes” that our audience will not understand. Some of the items you may mention include past plays, how the individual feels being part of the Team, what Thespian Festivals they attended and interesting personal facts. Make each biography different. In past programs, the biographer said that every senior will be “sorely missed next year.” This was true but makes for monotonous reading.

On October 2, show a copy of the biographies to the Assistant Director. Give a copy to the person in charge of the program. On October 15, the rest of the biographies are due. Be sure to approve these biographies with me before giving them to the program person.

Don’t try to write all the biographies at one time. When you get a good idea about someone, just write it down. Good ideas are usually spontaneous.

You do not have to write all of the biographies yourself. You are just responsible for getting the job done.

Job Description – Makeup

You are responsible for makeup.

Your task is to have a makeup area ready with sufficient tables at least two and a half hours before each performance, to have plenty of tissues, baby oil, chairs, and paper towels available and to keep the makeup material clean, neat, and in order. You are responsible for putting away the make up and for keeping the make up and make up area clean and neat.

Take out the make up materials before the show and place them on the table. You are to keep the makeup area neat during the show. After each show clean, straighten out the materials, and put them away.

Be sure during the show that make up is maintained on the actors. Powder shiny faces and correct smudges. Some actors will do part or their entire make up.

Know the makeup requirements of this show and be sure that the appropriate makeup is available well in advance of the play. It takes two weeks to ship some make up. Be sure we are well stocked.

View the makeup videos that I bought. Plan everyone’s makeup and talk to me at least a month before the play. Draw a plan for any involved makeup. Alice in Wonderland is very makeup intensive.

Only you and I will be allowed to use the make up unless you or I give permission for someone else to use it.

Give a report of all the additional makeup we need to get by October 2 to the Assistant Director.

On November 3, give the drawings you made of make up plans for any involved makeup to the Assistant Director.

Job Description – Publicity – Poster Distribution

Your job is to be sure we get the posters in time and to hang the posters up.

On October 1, give a written report to the Assistant Director listing sixty places you will hang the posters.

The due date for giving the Assistant Director the list of where you placed the posters is November 3. Every poster should be hung by that date. Please do not waste any.

These posters are very expensive and took a great deal of effort to make. Leon Peters of North Adams State College made them for us. They definitely add to the professional flavor of the play. It is our responsibility to see that they are hung up and do not get thrown out or kept by cast members until the play is over. Please guard them jealously!

Ten posters may be hung in Drury. There should be at least one poster in every school in the Northern Berkshires with tow in Conte. Hang at least eight on Main Street, one in each supermarket, at least tow on Spring Street in Williamstown, a few in Adams, Florida and Stamford. Please do not just give the posters to store owners. They may just throw them out. Offer to hang them up. Bring plenty of scotch tape and tacks with you. Bring a friend. All posters must be hung up. Don’t hesitate to get help, but only if you are absolutely sure that the people you give posters to, hang them up. In the past, many expensive posters ended up in the trunks of cars of well-meaning people that forgot to hag the posters.

Be sure to write thank-you note sot everyone that helped. Be sure to send a big thank-you to Leon Peters at NASC. He does it every year at no charge!

Job Description – Stage Maintenance

Your job is to keep the stage spotless and safe.

This is an extremely important job. In the past there have been some injuries that have resulted from articles being left on the floor of the stage. A clean stage is particularly important for dancers.

It is your job to insure that you come to class and rehearsals early and clear the stage not only of large objects that do not belong, but sweep the stage clean of any smaller particles as well. The stage has to be swept for each rehearsal.

In addition, you are to get a special substance that I will buy for you that coats the stage so it will not be slippery for the dancers.

It is your job not only to clear the stage, but to clear off stage as well. If materials build up off stage right and left, then it will not be safe for the actors in the dark. Where to put the large pieces of wood and metal? That’s a very good question and something that Mr. Jenkins and I have been trying to answer for many years. Please be creative in answering the question yourself. In any case, it has to be clear off stage so no one can hurt himself or herself off stage.

You know that you have done a good job if you can walk on and off stage right and left in the dark and not bump into anything except the wall.

Give a tech report to the Assistant Director on October 1 explaining in detail what you did to make it safe.

Also very important. Check the state daily to make sure that our stage and set is no being abused on days that we do not have class. You are my representative on stage when I am not in the building. Protect the stage!

On November 3 give the Asst. Director your second report

Job Description – Stage Maintenance

Your job is to keep the stage spotless and safe.

This is an extremely important job. In the past there have been some injuries that have resulted from articles being left on the floor of the stage. A clean stage is particularly important for dancers.

It is your job to insure that you come to class and rehearsals early and clear the stage not only of large objects that do not belong, but sweep the stage clean of any smaller particles as well. The stage has to be swept for each rehearsal.

In addition, you are to get a special substance that I will buy for you that coats the stage so it will not be slippery for the dancers.

It is your job not only to clear the stage, but to clear off stage as well. If materials build up off stage right and left, then it will not be safe for the actors in the dark. Where to put the large pieces of wood and metal? That’s a very good question and something that Mr. Jenkins and I have been trying to answer for many years. Please be creative in answering the question yourself. In any case, it has to be clear off stage so no one can hurt himself or herself off stage.

You know that you have done a good job if you can walk on and off stage right and left in the dark and not bump into anything except the wall.

Give a tech report to the Assistant Director on October 1 explaining in detail what you did to make it safe.

Also very important. Check the state daily to make sure that our stage and set is no being abused on days that we do not have class. You are my representative on stage when I am not in the building. Protect the stage!

On November 3 give the Asst. Director your second report

Job Description – Program Advertisement

You are the person in charge of program ads.

Last year we sold a total of 13.5 pages of ads for the program. This is a total of $1830.00. This is a significant part of our budget. We could not exist without this income. As you know, we receive no money from the school or city for our program. Our goal for this year should be $1800.00 of ad sales.

You should encourage as many people as possible to help you sell ads. The parents may want to help. Contact the person in charge of the parents (this year it is Steve McConnell Matt’s dad) and ask for help in selling ads. Parents may want to include ads of their own to wish their children success in the play. We are not placing listing for “patron and sponsors.” That is too much work for a small amount of money. They can, however place an ad. Be sure you come to some dance rehearsals at the Studio in Adams in order to pass out materials for ads. Each Team member must sell at least $50 in ads or VIP tickets. In addition, 80% of funds over $100 for each student will be credited to his or her Nebraska fees. Non-Drama Team cast members are not required to sell $50 worth of ads and VIPs.

On October 1, give the Assistant Director a list of the ads that you have sold.

Your due date is October 15. After that date no ads can be sold. At that date, give me a complete list of ads, and who sold what ads.

A s you collect money for ads, put the copy of the ad in an envelope clearly marked with the person that sold the ad, the money, and the name and address of the person that bought the ad so I can thank them. Give the sealed envelope to me. Do not leave the money in your locker. You are responsible for this money. In the past, money was lost or stolen.

This is a critical job. Good luck. I know you will do a great job

Job Description – Property Master

Your job is to keep the Drama Room clean and neat.

Your first job is to get rid of the model of the Glove Theater that is taking up a lot of space. I do not know what you can do with it, just get it out of the Drama Room. We simply do not have enough room for it. Here are a few other things to keep in mind for your job.

Throw out any dried up cans of paint. I have a feeling many of them are no good.

Throw out any costumes that we can easily get in a Goodwill store. People tend to give us their old clothes for some reason thinking incorrectly that we have room for it. Please let me know what you are throwing out before you do. Some items may have sentimental value.

Keep the posters in good shape. Protect them against other objects. Be sure that nothing is leaning against them.

Be sure that the door is always locked except during rehearsals. The door may be left open during rehearsals so people will not have to constantly ask you for your key. Bythe way, make a copy of my key for you to use.

Touch up the eyes of the blue logo on the wall. Make it look neat.
Be absolutely sure that before you leave each rehearsal that the Drama Room is locked.

Job Description – Technical Crew Coordinator

Your job is to make my job simpler.

Alice in Wonderland is a huge undertaking and I could not do it alone. I desperately need your help. Here is what you can do:

Study the tech job directions for everyone on the Team. Follow up on people periodically. Make sure that everyone is doing what he or she is supposed to be doing.

Before October 1 and November 3, remind people that the tech jobs are due. Read the reports. Make sure that everyone hands in reports. Note who is late with reports. Keep a list.

Very important. Meet with me to discuss the tech job reports. This must be done when we have more than just a few minutes available. We should carefully go over the tech reports and anticipate any developing problems. It is up to you to follow up anything we decide to do about these problems.
You are a people problem solver. Seek out any developing problems. In a play of this size, there are bound to be personal problems developing. As a senior and the Assistant Director, you may be in position to smooth out the problems before they develop. If the problem needs my input, do not hesitate to discuss it with me.

You are my representative when I am not in the building. Keep in close contact with me. Let me know about what is happening. This may include problems with cast members, problems with the performance space, opportunity for promoting our plays, events that may interfere with rehearsals etc. You are my extra eyes and ears that are constantly looking for developing problems and ways to make my job easier

Job Description – Administrative Assistant

Your job is to write letters. Here are some of the letters that you should be writing:

Thank-you letters to all adults that help us with the play. This includes parents, teachers, and other volunteers. You should write these letters even if other students on the Team have written to these same people. We depend on volunteers. A thank-you letter may be important to the person receiving it. You do not have to wait for me, take it on yourself to decide to thank people.

A letter of apology when inevitable problems occur.
Letters to companies if we have to order something.
I may ask you to write additional letters.

Print up stationery for yourself. I will give you a blank with your name on it and you can get the school to copy it.

On October 1 and November 3, give the Assistant Director a list of letters that you have sent out. This is an important job. I have a lot of confidence in your ability and I’m sure you will do fine.

Your job is to get articles in the newspapers and to publicize in any other ways you can think of.

It is up to you to get an audience! If you have questions about your job, ask well in advance of your deadline. In the past, the public relation director tried to start her job two weeks before the play with disastrous results.

Set up appointments with local news reporters to interview us and to take photos. Be polite, you are representing the school and the Drama Team. At the same time, donut take no for an answer. Place notices I the school such as daily notices and articles in the school paper. Send news releases to all three papers and radio stations at various points during the rehearsal process. Do not wait to the end and just send in one notice announcing the play. A press release could include who was accepted for the parts. Another release could include information on how this is our tenth anniversary. The Transcript may be interested in writing an article just on that.

Your first written report on October 1 should contain a list of exactly what you did and what you plan to do with public relations. By October 1 everyone I the school should know what we are doing as a result of our creative efforts. By November 3 give a written report to the to the Assistant Director specifying what you have done to encourage reporters to place articles in local newspapers. The report should include what else you have done with the play in terms of PR.

By the opening of the play, there should be articles with photos of the play in at least tow newspapers. There should also be creative ways that you have publicized the play in the school and other school in the school system. Try to schedule an interview for me with a reporter from the Transcript. Talk to me about this. They usually go along with this. A long article is very effective in generating a lot of interest in the play.

Before the opening of the play, write thank you notes to everyone that helped you, particularly the reporters that placed articles and photos in the newspapers. Show these letters to me before sending them to get credit for them.

Job Description – Ticket Sales

Your job is to encourage the sale of VIP tickets. Last year we sold 52. If we sell 50 this year, I will be very satisfied.

Don’t worry about printing the tickets. I did that myself.

VIP tickets have been very successful in the past in terms of raising money for the Drury Drama Team. Each ticket has a fee of $25. This entitles the person whose name is on the ticket, admission to all performances of all productions of the Drama Team. If we do a musical, it is good for the musical as well. Only one person must use each ticket. New this year! The only people that can reserve certain seats in the theater, are VIP ticket holders.

You should write a letter to all parents explaining what the VIP tickets are, how much they cost, and that only VIP ticket holders may reserve seats in the theater. Non-VIP ticket holders may not “save” seats in the theater. You are in charge of encouraging fellow students to sell tickets. Each person must sell at lest $50 of tickets or ads. 80% of money raised by students over $100 will be credited to their account for the Lincoln, Nebraska trip. Keep a record of who sold how many tickets. Collect the money, write down clearly who sold the tickets, who’s name goes on the ticket, and the correct of the person that is to receive the ticket in the mail. Put all this in an envelope and give it to me. Do not keep the money in your locker. In the past the money was taken. You are responsible for the money. If it is lost, you pay for it. Do not give me the money until you have the proper address and name of the buyer and have sealed the money in an envelope.

Job Description – Treasurer

Your job is to collect money for the Yankee and International Thespian Festivals.

As you know, we worked very hard to get those amazing seats in Nebraska. In the past , we had the last row and I vowed never to have those seats again. As a result, the ETA staff promised me good seats if we send our money in early. This year I sent our money in the same day that we received the application.

I want all the money and health forms collected by December 15. Start collecting money at the beginning of the year and periodically remind people of the deadline. This deadline is for both Lincoln and for the Yankee. Note the following:
Yankee: fee = $40 (20 for fee and 20 for room)
International: fee= $ 370 This is an approx. amount for the fee. This is how much is needed by December 15. I do not know how much the transportation will be. The airfare will be due in April. Also required by December 15 is the medical form from everyone.

Keep accurate records of who paid what for the Yankee and the International and who has returned the medical form. Please do not wait until it is too late. Start very early. Keep announcing the deadline in class and remind people individually.
When you get money from anyone, put it in an envelope, clearly mark the name of the person on the envelope. Keep accurate records. Give the money to me in the envelope. Do not put the money in your locker. You are responsible for the money. In the past, some money was stolen.
Please do not hesitate to call me if you ever have any concerns or questions.

Job Description – Sound Technician

Your job is to protect our sound equipment. You are personally and financially responsible for it.

Please contact Mr. Jenkins and tell him that you promise to personally take the equipment out when needed and lock it up after it is used.

Talk to Matt McConnell and ask him when the equipment is needed.

Please donut just take the equipment out and ignore it. It is your job to protect it even during a rehearsal.

Recruit two other people to help you.

Give the Assistant Director a report on October 1 listing in great detail exactly what you are going to do before the play, during the play, and after the play concerning the sound equipment.

Another report is due on November 3.

After the play is over, you are responsible for making sure that Mr. Jenkins is satisfied that all equipment is safe. Write him a thank you note and show it to the Assistant Director

Job Description – Assistant Stage Manager

Your job is to keep this play from harming or messing up the school in any way.

You are not responsible for anything inside the theater. That job belongs to someone else. You are only responsible for the area outside the theater (auditorium.)

The following would come under your job description:

During after school rehearsals, nobody associated with the play (including parents) should do anything that would make the janitors jobs harder such as throwing food on the floor or leaving pizza boxes in the main office.

When the “little kids” and dancers are a part of the rehearsal, it is your job to check that they are not “trashing” the corridors or other parts of the school.

There is no reason for cast or crew members or parents to be in parts of the schools other than the main corridor.

During the play and dress rehearsals, your job becomes even more important since about 175 cast members plus their parents will be in various parts of the school. Protect the interests of the school. Be sure that we leave the school in the same condition that we found it in.

You are not a janitor. You do, however, have to be sure that before you leave the building after every rehearsal and performance, that nothing is out of place such as cans on the floor and materials that we use.

On October 1, you should give a tech job report to the Assistant Director. This should include everything you have done up to that date and what you expect to be doing during the difficult November period.

Another, more complete report is due on November 3.

During rehearsals, you are responsible for making sure that all Drama Team members are in the Theater and not in other parts of the school unless they have permission from me.

Job Description – Second Assistant Stage Manager

Your job is to take attendance for each class, each rehearsal that you are in, and each performance. It is up to you to note who is not present.
This includes the dancers and “little kids” as well. In one sense, you have the most important job of all. If people are not at the rehearsal, we can not do the play. It is up to you to make sure everyone is there. If it is absolutely impossible for someone to be in class or rehearsal, I have to know about it before the rehearsal or class. Since I am rarely in the building, it is up to you to let me know.

Make a neat chart with everyone’s name and take attendance at about 3:15 each Monday. Do not take attendance at the beginning of class. Also get a list of the entire cast. There will be at least 150 people in the cast. It is your job to check off cast members as they show up for the performance. If anyone is not present at least one hour before the play, it is extremely important for Sue Hakes, the Stage Manager, and me to know that.

This is also true of dress rehearsals as well. If someone is not present, it is up to you to call him or her before you tell us that they are not there. Be sure you always have a list of phone numbers with you.

On October 1, give the Assistant Director a list of the attendance up to that point. If anyone is absent to any rehearsal, I need to know about that on the same day as the rehearsal.
On November 3, give the Assistant Director a list of attendance up to that point plus a copy of the cast list that you will use for dress rehearsals and the performances.

Very important: It is your job to know who is responsible for what rehearsal and make sure they are available. We have to know in advance if it would be impossible to do a certain rehearsal or hold a certain class. For instance, if many students plan on no going to class because of a field trip or other reason, I must know about it.

Job Description – Assistant to the Director

You are my personal secretary and assistant.

A project such as Alice in Wonderland is simply mind-boggling in its complexity. I have worked very hard this summer to organize the production as much as possible. Even with this work, the job will bury me without a lot of help. Your job was created to help me be as organized as possible. It is important to stay near me or at least be in sight as much as possible so I can give you notes.

Here are some things you can do to make my job easier:

  • Always be the first student in the theater for class and rehearsals. Turn the stage lights on if they are not on.
  • For class, have everyone get on the stage on the floor in a circle.
  • Always have a pen a paper for you to write notes and extra for me. I am constantly loosing pens and paper.
  • Always know where you can get a flashlight. Hide at least three of them in places where you can easily get to them.
  • Make lists. Make lists. Make lists. This includes things that I remember we have to get done. It also includes organizing the play in any way you can think of. You should always have a class list with phone numbers with you.
  • You are my eyes and ears when I am not in the building. If anything happens that would be good for me to know about, call me either at home or at the office. This might include developing problems that I can correct before it gets serious. It also may include letting me know what is happening in school. In the past, a day was called off and no one told me.
  • Check on the theater when I’m not in the building.
  • Make sure that no one is harming any of our materials.
  • Check on my mailbox in the head office at least every other day and my mailbox in the teacher’s room at least once per week. Do not open any of my mail, but if there is a note that I have to know about, call me. In the past, I did not know grades were due and there were some times that important messages were not read in time because they were not in my mailbox.

In general, think of ways that will make my life at Drury easier.

Job Description – Sergeant at Arms

Your job is to keep everyone quiet when they are supposed to be quiet.

In drama, we encourage people to express themselves. However, with such an enormous class size it is important for everyone that is not supposed to be talking, to keep quiet and pay attention. This is absolutely critical during a rehearsal or when I am trying to talk in class. Be polite about it, but be firm. If someone consistently interrupts the rehearsal or class by talking or whispering, they may be placed on probation. Continuing disruptions will result in being dropped from the Team.

I can not be bothered with telling people to be quiet. It disrupts the rehearsal and breaks my train of thought. Your job is very important. I’m counting on you.

Do not wait for me to ask you to quiet down the class. If you see a problem, take care of it.

You are not in charge of discipline. The Drama Team members are all very nice students. They just have to be reminded not to make any noise during inappropriate times.

Present a written report to the Assistant Director on October 1 and November 3 with a list of the class members and who you had to tell to be quiet.

Job Description – Publicity – Poster Design

Remember the sign that announced the band trip to Florida?

Your tech job is to get a similar Alice in Wonderland sign made and to have it installed by October 15.

Under no circumstances do I want to hear “I can’t do it.” After being your teacher for one year, I have come to the conclusion that you are a bright and creative. I think you can do just about anything you start out to do. You can learn a lot from doing this project. In the past, you had a tendency in Theater Class to give up at the slightest provocation. This year I have given you a more difficult job than you had last year. Prove to yourself that you can do it!

Here are some rules:

  • You have to plan your method of attacking this job.
  • Do not try to give your job to parents, friends, or others. Others may make the sign and put it up, but
  • I want you to be fully in charge of this project.
  • The quality of the drawing on the sign must match the quality of the play itself. I will not allow an amateur-looking sign to degrade the feeling of the play.
  • The sign must be in place by October 15. This is an absolute deadline. Failure to do this will result in failure of your tech job and withdrawal from the play.
  • You must get permission to place the sign and it must not obscure the Drury sign or cause a safety problem.
  • You may use up to $50 of Drama Team funds for this project. I have to approve any money before you spend it.

Student Evaluation Form
Tech Job:
Evaluator: Dr. Len Radin

Clarity of intentions
Level of emotional intensity
Projection of emotional intensity

Appearance – This refers to how appropriateness of appearance for your particular character. Tension within own character
Tension with other characters
Reactions to scene development
Richness of character

Uses proper basics in blocking
Facial expression

Emotional quality (mood)
Use of entire vocal range

Staying in character
Stay out of view of audience when not on stage
Not distracting actors
Treating others with respect

Completed by due date
Followed directions
Did student raise at least $50?
Ability to get along with teammates
Seriousness of intent
Is prompt to rehearsals

Your acting grade is : It is worth % of your overall grade. Your technical grade is: It is worth % of your overall grade.
Your overall grade for this production is:

This grade counts as 80% of your marking period grade. Please show this evaluation to your parents.

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