• How to analyze?
  • What will this lead to in his/her future?
  • Creating a set design for a given?
  • Why does s/he need this?
  • To support the author?
  • What materials/supplies will the student need to supply?
  • What materials/supplies will the teacher need to supply?
  • Short quiz based on Harvey. This was assigned over a week prior.
  • What object/product shall the student end up with?
  • list of scenic requirements
  • Process, notes, outline, descriptions, script for teacher.
  • Give quiz.
  • Allow quiz to prompt discussion.
  • Questions that will encourage critical thinking and discovery:
  • Who are these characters?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • How will the student be evaluated?

Quiz results. Class participation. Scenic design. Relate this to future classes via? We will be drawing our scenic designs in the next few days. The design process will continue with research, a museum trip and then a scenic model of this play.

Homework? Y:__X__ N:____ Due next class: __X___ or on: _____/_____/_____

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