•Hanging and focusing.

•Running a light board.
–Computer board
–2 scene preset


•Stage lighting math.

•Lamps versus bulbs
–Types of lamps.
–Lamps specific for fixtures.
–Changing lamps.
•Plugs and cables.
–Frayed wires.
–Short circuits.
•Lighting units.
–Anatomy of.
–Safety cables.
–Cleaning lenses

Lighting Equipment 101

  • The anatomy of a lighting unit
  • Changing light bulbs.
  • How to avoid sparks.
  • Hanging and focusing units.
  • General maintenance.

Stage lighting in electrics.

  • Dimmers, cables, Two-Fers, lighting boards, etc.
  • appropriate cabling techniques to avoid wear and tear.
  • Hands-on use of lighting control boards.
  • Avoiding short circuits and nasty sparks.
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